IMG_7232I am a wife, mother, and proud 5th Generation South Dakotan.

I married my high school sweet heart.   We have two little boys.  They are very smart and usually well-mannered but mostly just loud.

I raise our boys in our home each and every day, and I am truly grateful for both of them and every day we share.  My husband and his family run a business in Canton. I understand the struggles and joys of being a hard-working parent in South Dakota.

I am the Democratic candidate for the House of Representatives in District 13, because I feel very passionately about my values, and want people who share my world view to have a person to vote for on Election Day.

My passions include:

  • The continued access to safe and affordable reproductive health care for women, conducted with the utmost dignity and personal privacy.
  • The pursuit of the highest quality education for our children coupled with the development of communities with thriving economies that will keep our children here in South Dakota.
  • The progression toward  state-wide acceptance of Marriage Equality because EVERY person should be able to marry the person they love and grow a family if they choose.

While these issues are my top priority,  they cannot be our only focus.  Tell me what you are passionate about and please visit my BE HEARD page and Be Heard.

3 thoughts on “About

  1. These are superficial “passions” and obviously, your family would be humiliated at the “lessons” you’ve learned from their heritage. If this is all you are concerned about – the relative “intelligence” of your boys and their right to marry another man, then, please, reconsider your values, intelligence, and passions, and realize you have just as much maturing to do as your little boys. All the best. (And I’m 29, a woman, and with a child myself.) Jobs and safety is more important than anal sex and raising and promoting socially irresponsible people.


    • Michelle- Thank you so much for taking the time to visit my website and leave your comments! I especially enjoy the passive aggressive attacks of my children. While I agree with you that jobs and safety are very important, I also believe in the United States Constitution, which values above all else- Equality. It’s the principal of the foundation of our country and this great state we live in. And I do believe that you are misinformed on the supposed humiliation my family (those dead and alive) feel about me running. They are in fact, very proud of me and my values.


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